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University Guest House

The University Guest house is located on the campus adjacent to the Vice Chancellors Bungalow. The Guest house is primarily meant for official guests of the University/participants of Seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences etc, organized by the University/Departments as well as those sponsored by the State Government and the UGC.

The Guest house provides beddings (bed sheet, pillows, blanket, mattress etc.). An inventory of articles for use in the rooms is available in each room. The guests are requested to check these items at the time of occupying the room. The Guests are responsible for proper use and upkeep of the materials/fixtures provided in the rooms and also in the guest house. They shall be liable to pay charges for any loss or damage caused during their stay.

Guests are required to make entries in the Register before occupying the room. Foreigners may kindly provide details of their passport and Visas. Request for the reservation of the room has to be given in writing by filling Guest House Requisition Form.

Booking Procedure

For Booking facilities in guest house and its catering services Guest house requisition forms are available at the reception of the guest house. It can be obtained from the Guest house-in-Charge or can be downloaded from the University website. The request for allotment of accommodation should be sent well in advance.

A Priority list has been approved for allotment of rooms in the University Guest house which is as follows:

First Priority: Guests, who are coming to attend Selection Committee / Viva- voce, Board of studies meetings of various Boards, etc.

Second Priority: Visiting Faculty/ Visiting scholars.

Third priority: Personal guest of Faculty and students.

Guest house requisition Form

Booking/Reservation office Phone: 020 265132 12/53/57

* The Tariff for the University Guest house

Type of Rooms No. of Rooms Rate in Rupees in per day
AC (Double Occupancy) 2 600.00
AC (Single) 2 400.00
Non AC (Double Occupancy) 4 400.00
Non AC (Single) 4 300.00

* Meals Tariff

Requisition for tea/ coffee and breakfast should be submitted in advance.

Item Rate
Milk(250 ml.) Rs.20/-
Breakfast Two slices of bread, butter, jam and sauce Rs.25/-
Breakfast Two slices of bread, butter, jam and sauce and omelet Rs.35/-
Breakfast Two slices of bread, butter, jam and sauce and omelet Rs.35/-
Breakfast 2 Parathas and curd Rs.30/-

Check-In/ Check Out

24 hours from the time of arrival. The Guest may check in at any time. However, for the purpose of accounting a day means 24 hours from the time of arrival/occupation.

Duration of stay

The guests are allowed to stay in the guest house for the officially approved duration of stay. Ordinarily a person will be allowed to stay for maximum 5 days only. However, the extension may be granted subject to the prior approval of the Guest house-In-charge depending upon availability of rooms. The guest should carry a valid ID card for accommodation in the guest house.


Cancellation, if any, should be made at least 24 hours in advance. The University reserves the right to cancel or refuse accommodation without assigning any reason in case the University needs the room for its own use.

Rules and Regulations of Stay

* Persons staying in the Guest house are not entitled to bring in unauthorized guest(s) to stay with them in the Guest house.
* The Guest house closes at 10:30 PM. One must inform the Guest house reception in advance for any change of schedule to
avoid any inconvenience.
* The University authorities are not responsible for valuable items kept in the rooms.
* Male visitors/guests are not allowed in the rooms occupied by female guests and vice-versa.
* Alcoholic drinks in the Guest house are strictly prohibited.
* Any damage or loss to the Guest house will be subject to a fine which would be paid by the Requistioner.
* The tariff is subject to change at any time without notice.
* Visitor for guest's residing at Guest House is allowed from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. only.
* Damaging of property or defacing any notice/poster/walls etc. of the Guest house is illegal.
* Care may be taken to see that there is no wastage of water, electricity and other resources.
* Decency in all respect conducive to academic atmosphere should be maintained in the campus.
* All electrical appliances like fan, light, air-conditioners, geyser etc. should be switched off
when not in use and before leaving the room.
* Cooking in any form using gas, oven, heater and hot plate is not allowed inside the room.
* The Guest house is meant for you. Please help us keep it clean.
* There is always a room for improvement. Suggestions/complaints, if any, may be put in the suggestion box outside the office.


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