Examination : M.A. in A.I.H.C. and Archaeology
A minimum of 75 percent attendance at lectures, laboratory work and field work in each paper will be necessary for qualifying to appear in the examination. The examination for each semester shall consist of :
  • Internal Assessment, and
  • University Examination.
The ratio of (A) and (B) shall be 20:80 marks
  • Internal Assessment  
    Internal Assessment, for each paper, will consist of : Home assignment/ Class test/ Field or Laboratory report - 20 Marks
  • University Examination  
    The University Examination will consist of a written test of 80 marks for each paper except dissertation.
  • Terms of Passing  
    To be eligible to pass in a paper a student should secure minimum pass marks i.e. 40% marks (Internal Assessment and University examination marks taken together).
  • Examination for the backlog papers of a semester will be held only when that particular semester-end examination is being held for regular students.

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